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Allah also laughs therefore

 Allah also laughs therefore

From Abdullah ibn Mas'ud radhiyallahu'anhu, the Messenger of Allah 'alaihi wa Sallam said, "Indeed, I know the last person out of hell and the last person to go to heaven.

He is a man who goes out of hell while crawling. Allah tabaraka Wa ta'ala said to him, 'Go ye, enter into heaven.' Then he came to him and prayed to him that the heaven was full.

Then he returned and said, 'My Lord, I find that heaven is full.' Allah tabaraka Wa ta'ala said to him, 'Go, go into heaven.' "The Prophet said," Then he came to him and prayed to him that the paradise was full. Then he returned and said, 'My Lord, I find that heaven is full.' Allah tabaraka Wa ta'ala said to him, 'Go, go into heaven.

Indeed, you will get pleasure like the world and ten others who seem like 'or' You will get ten times the enjoyment of the world '. "The Prophet said," The man said,' Will You mock me, or You will laugh at me, while You are the Blood King? '. "

Ibn Mas'ud said, "Indeed when I saw Allah's Messenger (Sallallahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam) said he was laughing at his forehead." The narrator said, "Then people say that he is the lowest inhabitant of heaven." mentioned: Then Ibn Mas'ud laughed, then said, "Do not you ask me why I am laughing?". They said, "Why are you laughing?" He replied, "That is why the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) 'alaihi Wa Sallam. -When it is - they to friends-ask, 'Why are you laughing O Messenger of Allah?'. 'Because of the call of Rabbul' know when the person says, 'Do you mock me, while You are Rabbi' knowing '?

Then God said, 'I'm not scoffing at you. But I am omnipotent to do all I want. '"(Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim, see Syarh Muslim)

This great Hadith gives lessons, among others:

  • Believe in the existence of heaven and hell. Heaven is a dwelling place for believers, whereas hell is the dwelling of those who disbelieve to their Lord
  • Faith to the last day and the reward of human charity in the future
  • Faith in unseen things
  • The faith that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam was truly a messenger of God who spoke on the revelation of him, instead of conveying a tale or story that he himself
  • The urge to do good in order to include the inhabitants of heaven, and warnings of disobedience that can drag the perpetrator into the abyss of hell
  • Can laugh, and it is not a thing hated in some conditions and opportunities. It also does not cause falling muru'ah / honor as long as it does not go beyond the limits of reason (see Syarh Muslim)
  • May imitate the burden of others with the purpose of describing the state of the eminence as Ibn Mas'ud imitate the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu 'Alayhi Wa Sallam (see Fath al-Bari)
  • On the Day of Resurrection God speaks to His servants (see Sahih al-Bukhari, Kitab at-Tauhid, pp. 1490-1491)
  • Allah is Able to do all things
  • Allah is the King (al-Malik) who controls the universe
  • God is the Rabb (guardian and regulator) of the universe
  • Allah is the Forgiver
  • God can laugh, but God holds him not as a creature. Allah ta'ala says (which means), "There is nothing like Him, and He is the Hearer, the Seer." (Surah as-Syura: 11). Shaykh Ibn Utsaimin rahimahullah said, "The salaf has agreed to 'laugh' in Allah. It is, therefore, obligatory to set it (accept it, pent) without distorting its meaning, without dismissing it, without regard to its nature, and not to discredit it. It is an essential laugh that fits in the glory of Allah ta'ala. "(See Syarh Lum'at al-I'tiqad, p. 61)
  • The enjoyment of Heaven is far more than pleasures in the world (see Sahih Bukhari, Book ar-Riqaq, p. 1329). It is therefore unlikely that such a great pleasure is 'sold' for the sake of the enjoyment of a little and a moment of the world, not even anything compared to the soul
  • Delusions or feelings cannot be used as a handle, but the one being held in the revelation or the words of the person who really knows/know
  • Must obey the command of Allah and His Messenger
  • The abundance of God's grace, when the last person out of hell still feels the enjoyment of heaven that is ten times the enjoyment of the world
  • Believers who are punished in hell for their great sins will eventually be issued from him and into heaven. So this is a protest for Khawarij who thinks that the great sinner remains in hell (see Syarh Muslim [2/323])
  • There are some believers who have come to hell before being put into heaven, of course, it is not because of the tyranny of God but because of the great sin they do
  • Remembrance of the danger of great sins for the perpetrators in the future - when he has not repented of him - because the perpetrators are those who are threatened with the punishment of hell, wal 'iyadzu billah
  • Must not underestimate the great sins
  • The one who truly understands the virtue of tawhid is not a person who considers trivial sins. Therefore Ibn Mas'ud once said, "A believer sees his sins as if he were sitting under a hill which he feared would collapse over him. As for the fajir to see his sins as a fly passes over his nose then he is simply expelled in such a way-by moving his hands alone. "(See Fath al-Bari)
  • This Hadith also shows the justice of Allah ta'ala where Allah gives punishment to those who commit a great sin in the Hereafter according to His will, though it may be that Allah desires to forgive (for some of His servants)
  • This Hadith indicates the priorities of those who first entered Paradise
  • Advice to race in practice to be the first class of people to go to heaven
  • The people who enter Paradise are leveled in terms of their own preferences and rewards
  • This hadith shows the virtue of tauhid, because it is not the people who enter heaven except because of the monotheism that it is executing when in the worldThis Hadith also shows the danger of shirk and disbelief, for it is not a person who remains in hell but because of the great shirk and disbelief committed by him 

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