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Love of God to Humans You Must Know

 Love of God to Humans

In the Qur'an, we find a great deal of how God reveals His love for humans. For example, for creation, he uses the word al-Raẖmān, which means the Giver of love, as his preamble.

Who teaches the Koran
Who creates human beings
Who teaches parrots
(QS Al-Raẖmān: 1-4)

The verses above are very romantic verses. This Surah al-Raẖmān is also touted as the bride of the Koran. As in the words of the Messenger of Allah, "Everything is possessed. And the bride of the Koran is Surah al-Raẖmān. "

Al-Rahman. Substance Who Gives Love. The love is very wide. His love is diverse. His love includes everything. He loves believers. He also gave love to infidels.

Which with His love, He taught the Koran, namely lowering the Koran to the Prophet Muhammad. through intermediary Gabriel as. as a clue, and is an expression of his love for those who are willing to reach his direction.

Which with His love, He created human beings, namely Adam and the child descended. "But they continue to disagree. Except those who are given the love of your Lord. And because of that (that is because of His love) God created them. "(Surah Hūd: 118-119)

With His love, He teaches parrots, namely knowledge. Knowledge of the path of guidance and the path of error. Knowledge of life in the world and the hereafter. Knowledge of Shari'a laws.

Because of love, before humans were created, God preached about that creation to the angels.

Remember when your Lord said to the angels, Surely I want to create a caliph on the earth.

They commented, Why would you want to make (caliph) on that earth, he who would make damage to him, and shed blood. Though we always glorify by praising and sanctifying You.

God says, Verily I know what you do not know. (QS Al-Baqarah: 30)

When the Devil makes a mistake, he is immediately expelled from heaven, and he is promised that with the child he will come down to live in hell forever. But when Adam slipped into his ban, God only locked the world for a while. And then, to those who heed His instructions, then he will be returned to heaven. "Get out of heaven! Then if My guidance has come, whoever cares for it, then there will be no fear and sadness that will befall them. "(QS Al-Baqarah: 38)

Because of love, God created humans in beautiful forms. "Allah is the one who made the earth as a place of residence for you, the sky as a roof, and formed you, then finalize your appearance and give you sustenance with a good portion. That is God, your Lord. Supreme Allah, Lord of the worlds. "(Surat Ghafir: 64)

Even in other verses, the Qur'an states that humans are created in the best form. "We have created human beings in the best possible form." (Surat Al-Tīn: 4) Allah beautifies everything He creates, but humans get the most beautiful among them.

Among the forms of God's love for humans is that He created everything in this universe, all for humans:

"God has created the heavens and the earth and brought down water from the sky, then He issued with him various fruits as a sustenance for you, and He has subdued the ark for you so that you can sail in the sea with His will, and He has subdued ( also) rivers for you. And He has subjected (also) to you the sun and moon which are continually circulating (in their orbits) and He has subdued for you day and night. "(QS Ibrāhīm: 32-33)

That is also why, among the creatures that He created, humans are the ultimate. Because all that He has created is intended for humans. Angels are created to regulate human life. Satan and Satan are created as obstacles to humans in order to elevate themselves. Heaven and hell were created as rewards for human actions.

The verses above, and the verses that are similar to that show very clearly how the position and position of man in the sight of Allah. There is no doubt that God has placed man in a very noble place. Because of love. 

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