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Love of the Prophet to Allah, Did You Know?

 Love of the Prophet to Allah

As no one is more beloved by God than Prophet Muhammad, so no man who loves God more than the love of Prophet Muhammad to Him.

"Say, 'My prayer, my worship, my life, and my death are but Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.'" (Al-An'ām: 162)

This verse shows that the Messenger of Allah very loving his God. There is no love more loving than the love of the one who handed over all his soul and body only to God. Passing everything, only to God. Not for the other.

Not for fear of hell. Not for wanting heaven. And that's what the Qur'an calls "the peak of love". Because, in it, he has immersed himself in the ocean of love.

Rasulullah saw. which despite his grace has been promised heaven, but he is still the most feared man of God, his greatest hope, and his greatest love. He likes every second with God. In every sense, it feels good.

When Sayyidah Aisha, the wife of the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him). saw the Prophet salat Tahajud to his swollen leg, he asked, "Why do you salat to the swelling of your feet? Did not Allah forgive your past and future sins? "The Messenger of Allah. replied, "Can not I be a grateful servant?"

Rasulullah saw. even mention prayers as a rest. When the Prophet Muhammad ordered Bilal to call the azan, he said, "Relax me with him, O Bilal ..."
Rasulullah saw. also said, "It has been made as a prayer for me."

Rasulullah saw. is the greatest man of love to his Lord. He often fasts without breaking. Love hunger and thirst, because hunger and thirst can bring it closer to his Lord.

So hungry and thirsty for him is happiness. When the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) prohibiting fasting without breaking, the companions asked, "Did you not fast also, Messenger of Allah?" The Messenger of Allah. replied, "Are you guys joining me? Surely in the night, my Lord's Servant has given me food and drink. "

Rasulullah saw. is the greatest man of love to his Lord. However, it does not mean that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) ignoring the man and his social life.

No. Because, love for God can not be achieved only by spiritual worship, but also by social worship. Rasulullah saw. also, trade and fair in its merchandise. Rasulullah saw. also friends with non-Muslims in preaching. And even, he does not want any of his people who are too much in his spiritual worship.

One day, when some people who only performed spiritual worship at the mosque, then commented badly on the people who worked out maintenance, the Messenger of Allah. said, "If anyone says, 'Man has been broken.' So he is the most corrupt. "

There were three men who came to Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him). to ask about his worship. After being informed, each of them took the conclusion and said, "How we are compared to the Messenger of Allah. who has been forgiven of his past, past, and future? "Some of them said," Indeed, I will pray night forever. "Another said," Indeed, I will fast continually and not break. " And the last said, "Really, I'm going away from women and not getting married."

Soon afterward the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) came and asked them, "Do you say that? By Allah, I am the most feared man of God and most righteous among you. I fast, but also break. I pray but sleep. And, I also married women. Who does not like my sunshine, then he does not belong to me. "

In his words, Allah praised the Messenger of Allah. with, "Really, you are on a noble character." (QS Al-Qalam) And, no higher moral character than love.

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